More than 20 years of collaboration with ETF
Workshop "Work based learning in Armenia" 2019
EU4Youth - SAY YES Skills for Jobs,  Work based learning, Cheese making, Stepanavan 
Torino Process 2018-20 in Armenia: Preparing for tomorrow’s skill
“EU4Youth: SAY YES - Skills for Jobs” project co-funded by EU
“EU4Youth: SAY YES - Skills for Jobs” project co-funded by EU, Work based learning, Ararat
For Development and Prosperity

“Global Developments” Fund (GDF) is a non-governmental organisation established in December 2001.

The GDF’s mission is to support development and international integration processes in Armenia focusing on the reforms of education, vocational training, employment, youth and women affairs, as well as other social spheres.

The Fund is experienced in developing training packages and delivering trainings in the fields of education, employment, gender, finances, construction, etc. 

GDF provides also research, expertise, informational, analytical works, consultancy and services in different fields and organises educational, cultural, social events, forums and dissemination campaigns particularly collaborating with National authorities and agencies such as:

  • Ministry of Education and Science (MoES),
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA),
  • Ministry of Economy,
  • Ministry of Finance (MoF),
  • National Council for VET Development,
  • National Centre for VET Development,
  • State Employment Service Agency,
  • National Institute for Labour and Social Research,

as well as international organisations:

  • European Training Foundation (ETF),
  • UNDP,
  • World Bank, 
  • dvv international,
  • British Council,
  • GIZ,
  • and other local and foreign NGOs.


GDF has a large pool of highly skilled experts and trainers in different fields such as public administration, employment and labour market, education, vocational training and lifelong learning, finances, sociology, economics, management and in other sectors.

Since 2000 GDF is recognised as a

UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre in Armenia.