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“EU4Youth: SAY YES - Skills for Jobs” project co-funded by EU, Work based learning, Ararat
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Capacity Development Workshop On Career Guidance In VET Institutions
April 14 2015

The Armenian Government and ETF have agreed to cooperate in the area of career guidance in 2013. This is one of the priorities identified in Torino Process report in 2014. The aim of the cooperation is to modernise and improve career guidance services in Armenia. In 2012-2014 ETF has provided support to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the elaboration of the National Employment Strategy, which has been adopted by the Government in November 2012. The need to ensure better links between education and labour market through the introduction of career guidance services is recognised as a matter of urgency in the above-mentioned Strategy. In addition to this, the VET reform programme and action plan for 2012-2016 developed by the Ministry of Education and Science identifies the need of establishing career guidance centres in the existing 12 regional state colleges as a priority. So the training on “Establishment and Development of Career Centres” in 12 regional state colleges, took place in Yerevan during which main principles of career guidance in VET colleges were presented and the steps for establishing career development units in those institutions were discussed. This year ETF continued to support again 12 regional state colleges, as well as 10 new college career centres.

On 14 April 2015 Global Developments Fund with support of European Training Foundation organised training for above mentioned 12 VET College Career Centre Consultants as well as 10 new Career Consultants from different VET colleges. The Event was conducted by the Methodological Centre for Professional Orientation staff and the international experts. The International ETF Experts Mr Helmut Zelloth and Mr Chris Evans presented what is career guidance, delivery models and international examples. Mr Evans presented also the summary of the findings of the 2014 monitoring review. After it 4 career Consultants out of 12 Regional Colleges where the Career Centres were piloted since 2013 presented their activities outlining what is delivered in their  Centres and what are the benefits, why not difficulties and challenges. In the Work Groups the consultants with the help of Methodological Centre for Professional Orientation (MCPO) staff facilitation brought together pilot and new VET colleges to share experiences and plan the introduction and development of career guidance services for VET colleges in 2015/16. It was worked out 5 key actions for the colleges to be implemented before the next meeting foreseen in 2015 October.